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Recycle Plastics


There are 7 primary types (composites) of plastic that we are able to prevent from going into the landfill or even worse, the ocean. First is to identify what type of plastic (composite) you have. 99% of these will have a 1-7 inside a triangle on the bottom. (sometimes you may have to look really really hard) Next is to contact your local recycling center, sanitation dept., water works, health dept. or if all else fails, use a internet search engine to look for programs in your area. (or click the link at the bottom of every page labeled - click here to see your states recycling mandate) Once you accomplish this, you are ready to begin.

Recycled plastic goes into a wide range of products, including the type of product it originally came from, clothing and other items. Best of all it does not go where it should not. (landfills, alleys, fields, playgrounds, drainage systems, rivers, oceans, etc.). By doing this you will enact a positive change in the process of sustainability. Recycling uses far less energy than mining and creating new materials. It doesn't make any sense to throw away a container after one use when it can be used to make more. You wouldn't throw away your pants after one use? How about your loose change in your pocket?

Not all cities, counties, rural areas accept plastics, glass or metals for recycling, but with the support of you and your local community more options will become available.

A little more about the types of plastics, the products they come from and how to get them back into the process of sustainability.

Click here to see your states recycling mandate.

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