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Sustainability: if you have questions about how, where, when, why recycling and sustainable living is so important; keep reading and you will find essential information you will need so that you may take the next steps to become a part of the solution; or if you already are, then there is information here also for you to take your ambition and efforts to the next level.

The power of your purchase: every product and/or service you use is a vote for what you want. So if you want sustainable goods, then sustainable goods will become more readily available because you purchase them and continue supporting them.

How does not recycling and not buying sustainably affect us and our planet?
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Trash or Cash - Waste = Food    
It's up to you


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Top 25 Green Companies of 2008 - I didn't choose, I'm just reporting.

Aveda - British Airways - Canon - Chipotle - Clif Bar
Coca Cola - Discovery - Flor - Ford - Gap - Niman Ranch
Hain Celestial Group - Ikea - Kohls - Kraft - L'Oreal
Organic Valley - P&G - Shaklee - Starbucks - UPS - Verizon
Wal-Mart - Whole Foods - Green Mountain Energy

NOFA Approved" and OMRI Listed

Organic fruit & vegetables-



Grass-fed cows-horses

Sustainably harvested seafood


no antibiotics, no steroids, no feces, no improper diet, no factory farming

antibiotics-kills natural microbes, causes the need for more pharmaceuticals.

steroids-encourages unbalanced growth of enzymes, hormones etc.

feces-contaminate with hundreds of foreign bacterium, viruses etc.

improper diet-destroy metabolic processes,

factory farming- no room, poor air, no exercise,

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“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths,
 rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”
~ John D. Rockefeller ~